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The Education Trust Issues Challenge to Key Education Leaders: Help Close the Teaching Talent Gap Now

(Washington, D.C.) In a December 1 letter, Kati Haycock, director of The Education Trust, invited 15 national education leaders to join in a national effort to ensure that low-income and minority students have teachers who are at least as qualified, experienced and effective as the teachers teaching other students.

"No matter how you cut the data-certified vs. uncertified teachers, out- vs. in-field teaching, high scores vs. low scores on licensure exams, or experienced vs.

Study Finds In Most States, for Most Students, A High School Diploma is a Ticket to Nowhere: How the Gap Between Leaving High School and Entering College and High Performance Jobs Shortchanges American Students

(Washington, D.C.) - According to a report released today by The Education Trust, high school requirements in many states are not sufficiently rigorous to prepare students for success in either college or the workplace. The study, Ticket to Nowhere: The Gap Between Leaving High School and Entering College and High-Performance Jobs, documents significant gaps between the course and testing requirements for high school graduation and those for admission and placement in college.

Response of The Education Trust to the Release of the NRC Interim Report on Teacher Licensing Tests

(Washington, D.C.) Tests and Teaching Quality: Interim Report released today by the National Research Council adds little to the national discussion of teacher licensing exams.

Statement of Kati Haycock, Director of The Education Trust, on the Release of the NAEP 1999 Trends Report

(Washington, D.C.) -- "The data released today is disappointing - especially for students of color and their parents - but hardly surprising," said Kati Haycock, director of The Education Trust, of today's release of the National Assessment of Educational Progress trend data for the nation.

"In some subject areas and at some grade levels we see modest progress in narrowing the achievement gap that separates minority students from White students. But the progress is too slow and the gaps remain painfully wide.

Statement of Kati Haycock, Director of The Education Trust, on the New RAND Issue Paper

(Washington, D.C.) - "The new RAND issue paper offers an incomplete and misleading picture of the performance of Texas students on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

"Texas is not perfect. And there is no overnight 'Texas miracle'. However, if Black fourth graders in every state scored as well on the NAEP mathematics test as those in Texas do, the national achievement gap between white and Black fourth graders in math would shrink by a third.

States can close the achievement gap by decade's end, New Education Trust state and national achievement gap analysis

(Washington, D.C.) – A new analysis by The Education Trust reveals that achievement gaps in many states would shrink dramatically – and in some cases disappear entirely – if poor and minority students in those states reached the same levels of academic achievement as do their counterparts in top-performing "frontier states."

For example:

  • The White-African American gap in 8th grade writing would disappear entirely  in seven states (Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Utah, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Hawaii) if African American students in

New school finance data analysis shows deep inequities, but gaps in some states decreasing

(Washington, DC)– The Education Trust today released a new report documenting large funding gaps between high- and low-poverty and -minority districts in many states.

ALL TALK, NO ACTION: Putting an end to out-of-field teaching

(Washington, DC)– A report released today by The Education Trust offers the first available state-by-state analysis of the newest federal data on the percentage of core academic secondary school classes taught by a teacher without a major or minor in the subject, a practice known as out-of-field  teaching. The study finds that the amount of out-of-field teaching in the nation and states remains unacceptably high, with classes in high-poverty and high-minority schools much more likely to be assigned to a teacher without a major or minor in the subject being taught.

Add It Up: Mathematics in the U.S. does not compute

(Washington, DC) – A report released today by The Education Trust marshals findings from several large-scale studies of mathematics achievement – both national and international – to argue that improving mathematics achievement in the United States will require a coordinated K-16 approach involving both K-12 and higher education.

The report provides one of the most comprehensive looks to date at what happens to American students as they progress through the system and how their mathematics experiences compare to those of their peers in other countries.

The rep

The Education Trust honors pioneers in school counseling reform

(Washington, DC) – The Education Trust has honored six universities for their  work in transforming school counseling programs both in higher education and in K-12 schools.

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