Join Our Online Celebration of Effective Teachers This Week

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A great teacher, one who both challenges and supports her class, can truly turn students’ lives around. That's why The Education Trust is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week by inviting education advocates to begin a Facebook discussion on the power of great teaching. We invite you to join the conversation.

Great teachers can be found all across our nation, and while they may differ in teaching styles, they hold similar beliefs about their students’ potential and use similar strategies to help them succeed. For instance, great teachers hold consistently high expectations of all their students and use every available minute of class time to deliver powerful lessons. At New York's Elmont Memorial Junior-Senior High School, a highly successful school with large percentages of low-income students and students of color, teachers collaborate extensively across subject areas to make sure their lessons align toward the shared goal of student success.

So what do you think are the most powerful practices of highly effective teachers? How can teachers make a difference in students’ lives? Visit us on Facebook and chime in.

— Dan Miller