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Maryland Stops DREAMing and Acts

Although the U.S. Congress failed to pass a federal version of the DREAM Act last year, some states are stepping up to offer undocumented immigrant students a chance at a college education. Last week, Maryland joined 10 other states that have passed some version of the DREAM Act.

A Win For College Students

After months of debate, Congress passed a budget deal for fiscal year 2011, and that deal did not bargain away the U.S. Department of Education's rules on gainful employment. The Kline-Foxx amendment to the original House budget bill was excluded from the final legislation, which will ensure that the Department can release and enforce gainful employment regulations in the coming months.

El salmón luchador no es cosa de broma


Los colegios y universidades con fines de lucro (for-profit colleges) vuelven a la carga.  El protagonista más reciente en su campaña multimillonaria contra las reglas de “gainful employment” que propone el Departamento de Educación es...un pez. Como lo oye.  Un pez.  Un “salmón luchador”. 

Parents to News Media: Tell Us More About Schools

A recent survey by the Brookings Institution shows that parents want more—not less—news about education.  Parents recognize that to be full partners in their children’s education they need more and better information on key issues. 

Equity Agenda Advances on Capitol Hill

Despite the budget stalemate on Capitol Hill this week, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is taking big steps to improve our nation’s schools. The STELLAR Student Act and the STELLAR Act would provide states and districts with funding to create robust, fair, and transparent evaluation systems for teachers and principals in high-poverty schools.

Lawmakers, Reformers: Track Progress of Student Subgroups

A powerful trio of caucuses on Capitol Hill is pushing the message that any reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) must hold all schools accountable for closing achievement gaps.

Esperanza y desafíos: Hablando de educación con la comunidad hispana

In English

En una asamblea reciente en Washington, D.C., el presidente Obama reconoció el papel clave de los hispanos para el presente y el futuro de los Estados Unidos.  El evento, que se llevó a cabo en la escuela superior Bell Multicultural, fue parte de la campaña de Univisión