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The Education Trust announces 2014 “Dispelling the Myth” Award winners

WASHINGTON (November 10, 2014)— The Education Trust will honor three outstanding public schools at the Twelfth Annual Dispelling the Myth Awards ceremony on Thursday, Nov. 13. These schools have shown success in educating students from diverse racial and socioeconomic backgrounds — effectively dispelling the myth that these students’ challenges are insurmountable.

“No child’s future should be determined by her zip code or skin color,” said Kati Haycock, president of The Education Trust. “Through their hard work and diligence, the educators and staff in these schools have proven that all students can succeed when they have the right resources, committed educators, and adequate support. The Dispelling the Myth Award recipients affirm that closing gaps and boosting achievement is not only attainable but also well within reach.”

This year’s Dispelling the Myth Award recipients are:

Lost in the Numbers: Uncovering the Stories Behind School Dropout

WASHINGTON (November 6, 2014) — Nationwide, roughly 500,000 students drop out of high school each year. These students are disproportionately students of color, low-income — and male. Though graduation rates among such students are rising — often as a result of significant efforts from both educators and community groups — many students of color and low-income students continue to achieve far below their potential and gradually disengage from school.

Statement by The Education Trust on the U.S. Department of Education's Final Gainful Employment Rule

WASHINGTON (October 31, 2014) — The Education Trust issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Department of Education’s final Gainful Employment rule:

“The abuses by career colleges are well documented. Many aggressively recruit students by offering the false promise of a rewarding career and charging ridiculously high fees for a low-quality education that rarely results in completion. Students of color and low-income students are disproportionately hurt by these predatory practices. Without the protections offered by stronger oversight and accountability, students will continue to enroll in these programs and be left with debilitating debt, no degree, or a degree with no labor market value. 

The Education Trust Welcomes Ryan Smith as Executive Director of Education Trust-West


WASHINGTON (October 28, 2014) — The Education Trust is pleased to welcome Ryan Smith as Executive Director of The Education Trust-West. In this position, Ryan will lead an ambitious effort to close opportunity and achievement gaps for students who have been traditionally underserved in California’s public education system. His background as a community organizer, education advocate, and champion for equity makes him an outstanding leader for the Education Trust-West team.

Statement From The Education Trust on CCSSO and CGCS’ Commitment on High-Quality Assessments

WASHINGTON (October 15, 2014) — The Education Trust is pleased to voice its support for a joint statement released by the Council of Chief State School Officers and Council of the Great City Schools that reaffirms their commitment to high-quality annual assessments aligned to college- and career-ready standards.

New Analysis Details Importance of Individual Group Accountability in State Systems, School Ratings

WASHINGTON (October 9, 2014) — State accountability systems mask the full story of student achievement, as shown in a new report by The Education Trust. When accountability systems allow schools to earn high marks despite their low performance for some groups of students, it sends a strong message about how the state values the academic progress of these groups.


WASHINGTON (October 2, 2014) – Today, the Reimagining Aid Design and Delivery (RADD) Consortium for Higher Education Grants and Work-Study Reform released a paper detailing how the federal government can modernize its financial aid system to be more efficient, to bring it in line with the needs of today’s students, and to make colleges and universities more accessible to the lowest income students.

Ed Trust on the Department of Education's “Dear Colleague” Letter on Resource Equity

WASHINGTON (October 1, 2014) — Today, the Office of Civil Rights sent a strong message that equity matters, and The Education Trust applauds their leadership. The “Dear Colleague” letter is a reminder that federal law requires more than good intentions to ensure the equitable provision of educational resources for students of color. It is not enough to rest upon laws, policies, and principles that are not enforced. Benign neglect is not acceptable.

José Luis Santos to serve as Ed Trust’s Vice President of Higher Education Policy and Practice


WASHINGTON (August 7, 2014) — The Education Trust is pleased to welcome Dr. José Luis Santos as its Vice President of Higher Education Policy and Practice.

Starting with his work as founding executive director of the Latina/o Policy Research Initiative at the University of Arizona, José Luis has a long track record of research, teaching, and advocacy around issues affecting students of color and low-income students in higher education.

Statement From The Education Trust on the Department of Education’s Teacher Equity Strategy

WASHINGTON (July 7, 2014) — Deborah Veney Robinson, vice president for government affairs and communications at The Education Trust, issued the following statement on the U.S. Department of Education’s teacher equity strategy.

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