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The Other Gap: Poor Students Receive Fewer Dollars Gap

The first Funding Gap report, this analysis of state and local education dollars reveals substantial funding inequities in most states. Education Trust Data Bulletin. 3 pages.

Publication date: 
March 6 2001 (All day)

Honor in the Boxcar: Equalizing Teacher Quality

Some of the country’s best minds grapple with a question at the heart of education reform: How do we attract the strongest teachers to the schools that need them most? This powerful set of essays concludes with a comprehensive list of action steps for attaining higher teacher quality where it counts.

Publication date: 
June 1 2000 (All day)

Creating an Appetite for Change: Leaders' Perspectives on Promoting K-16 Reform Through Community Collaboration

Policy Studies Associates, Inc., Washington D.C., 2000. 28 pages.

Publication date: 
May 1 2000 (All day)

Ticket to Nowhere: The Gap Between Leaving High School and Entering College and High-Performance Jobs

This report documents significant gaps between the course and testing requirements for high school graduation and those for admission and placement in college.

Publication date: 
September 1 1999 (All day)

Not Good Enough: A Content Analysis of Teacher Licensing Examinations

This report shows that many states grant teaching licenses without requiring that individuals demonstrate knowledge of the subject area that they intend to teach.

Publication date: 
May 1 1999 (All day)

Good Teaching Matters: How Well-Qualified Teachers Can Close the Gap

This report marshals findings from several recent large-scale studies of student achievement to argue that policy makers hoping to boost student achievement must attend, first and foremost, to issues of teacher quality - the quality of teacher preparation, recruitment, licensure, hiring, assignment and ongoing professional development.

Publication date: 
June 1 1998 (All day)