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Summer Parent and Community Newsletter

This parent/community newsletter keeps parents informed and engaged in the education of their children.

Publication date: 
June 1 2005 (All day)

Stalled in Secondary

This report provides readers with data that shows three years after the enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act, student achievement in secondary schools is lagging, and too few states are narrowing achievement gaps.

Publication date: 
January 5 2005 (All day)

One Step from the Finish Line: Higher College-Graduation Rates are Within Our Reach

This report challenges the conventional wisdom about college-graduation rates by highlighting the strategies of some successful colleges and universities.

Publication date: 
January 1 2005 (All day)

Guide to Help African-American Parents Improve Their Children's Education

This guide gives African-American parents the necessary tools needed to advocate and improve their child’s education.

Publication date: 
January 1 2005 (All day)

Choosing To Improve: Voices from Colleges and Universities with Better Graduation Rates

Offers a detailed examination of the practices of these schools and outlines a growing body of research that tells us that what schools do matters a great deal -- from their efforts to keep new students engaged to their use of data to uncover obstacles to completion.

Publication date: 
January 1 2005 (All day)

The Real Value of Teachers: Using New Information about Teacher Effectiveness to Close the Achievement Gap

This report lays out an ambitious policy agenda, premised on an exhaustive review of the existing research on teacher effectiveness—often referred to as “value-added.”

Publication date: 
December 1 2004 (All day)

On Course for Success

The Education Trust along with the ACT collaborated to write On Course for Success which provides examples of model high school courses that prepare students for the rigors of college and ultimately the work force.

Publication date: 
December 1 2004 (All day)

Measured Progress

This report documents that student achievement in reading and math is rising in the elementary grades in most states, and achievement gaps are narrowing, but in many places, the pace of these gains must accelerate dramatically if all students are to meet state standards by 2014.

Publication date: 
October 1 2004 (All day)

The Funding Gap Report 2004

This updated report documents how most states continue to shortchange poor and minority students by failing to fairly fund the schools they attend.

Publication date: 
September 1 2004 (All day)

The ABCs of "AYP"

Raising Achievement for All Students -- A brief report detailing the basic principles and core requirements of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) - the accountability mechanism in No Child Left Behind (NCLB). This report is one in a series on implementing NCLB.

Publication date: 
June 1 2004 (All day)