TSC Services

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School Counseling Professional Development
NCTSC-certified consultants provide professional development workshops for practicing school counselors and administrators in school districts throughout the country. We design NCTSC trainings to help school counselors connect to school reform and become an integral part in creating an equitable education system. The training helps practicing school counselors acquire and apply skills in leadership, advocacy, teaming and collaboration, and use of data, all of which are directed toward systemic change designed to provide access and equity for all groups of students. Participants develop an action plan that they will implement in their building or district. 

Pre-K-12 School Counseling Program Review
NCTSC provides school districts with a review process for PK-12 school counseling programs. Our audits help districts develop transformed PK-12 school counseling programs that are student-focused, data-driven, accountable, and aligned with the academic goals of the school.

State Education Department Collaboration
NCTSC and The Education Trust works with state departments of education to revise policies and legislation supporting the changing role of school counselors in closing the achievement gap.

For more information on any of these programs, contact Peggy Hines or Karen Crews.