High Standards and High-Quality Assessments

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The common core state standards and assessments have the potential to replace the existing haphazard patchwork of state standards and assessments and to help states raise the bar for students across the country. Although the common core effort is state-led and non-federal, Congress can help support states through the transition to these stronger standards and linked assessments.

Recent Actions

  • The Education Trust sent a letter to Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education Deborah Delisle asking that the ESEA waiver renewal process be aimed at advancing strong academic outcomes and opportunies for our nation’s low-income students and students of color. We identified areas, such as subgroup accountability and equitable access to effective teaching, and offered specific recommendations where the department could further promote equity in the renewal process.
  • Read our state-specific summaries of the standards provisions in the accepted waivers from: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.
  • Listen to a rewind of Ed Trust’s joint webinar with the National Center for Learning Disabilities analyzing the content of the first 11 approved waiver applications, and the implications of those waivers for millions of students across the country.

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Additional items of interest:

  • Read Linda Murray’s (superintendent-in-residence, Ed Trust–West) new book, Diploma Matters, which details ways districts can implement policies that ensure all students are ready for college and career.