College Results Online

Check out the new College Results Online at We’ve upgraded this free interactive Web tool that provides facts on college graduation rates to students, parents, school counselors, policymakers, and researchers.

     You can select nearly any college or university and compare its graduation rate with that of similar institutions serving similar groups of students. CRO lets you view graduation rates by students’ race, ethnicity, and gender. If you’re considering colleges, this feature can help you pick one that will boost your chances of success.

     At the new CRO, you’ll find:

  • graduation rates of thousands of traditional public and private four-year colleges and universities—and for the first time anywhere, those of hundreds of private, for-profit ones;
  • a search engine to find colleges near your Zip code and maps to locate each institution;
  • advanced search capability—search colleges by state, costs, student outcomes, and more;
  • bigger, brighter data tabs for easier navigation through the site; and
  • a resource page with links on college admissions, financial aid, and the latest research.

     CRO draws on the nation’s most comprehensive database of college graduation rates. To determine which institutions to compare, it weighs 12 factors known to affect graduation rates. Among them: student scores on college-admissions tests, institution size, and percentage of low-income students on campus.

     That means you can find out which institutions do better at graduating students than others. And you can learn where significant gaps persist in graduation rates by race and gender.

     In one convenient place, CRO gives you credible data on how the colleges and universities you’re interested in attending are delivering on their promise. Go to