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The Education Trust is excited to partner with three community colleges in the Access to Success (A2S) network to help ramp up the nationally acclaimed Do the Math course redesign project. In 2008, Professor John Squires developed Do the Math while at Cleveland State Community College in Tennessee, and continues to lead the effort from his current position as head of the mathematics department at Chattanooga State Community College.

Do the Math won the prestigious Bellwether Award for community college excellence in 2009, and a study commissioned by the Tennessee Board of Regents found that this course redesign increased the number of students passing a college math course at Cleveland State by more than 50 percent. By clearing math roadblocks for students, Do the Math has the potential to raise college completion rates.

Chattanooga State, the University of Hawai’i—Maui College, and Jefferson Technical and Community College in Louisville, Ky., are working alongside The Ed Trust to implement the Do the Math model across developmental coursework at all three institutions under a Next Generation Learning Challenge grant.

Do the Math provides all the resources students need in an online environment and positions instructors to facilitate learning rather than simply lecture on course content. Students can engage more completely in the material, extending their learning beyond class into additional assisted lab time. Access to more individual assistance creates true learning communities where students and teachers work together.

Do the Math’s Innovative Solutions

• Continuous enrollment: Students who complete one course can start on the next course immediately, within the same term. They can even start a course one term and complete it the next. Students are rewarded for their academic efforts and capture tuition cost savings.
• One-room schoolhouse: A computer classroom equipped with online resources permits classes to be combined in a high-quality way, eliminating the cancellation of low-enrollment or upper-level classes that can slow a student’s academic momentum.

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For details about Do the Math, contact Joe Yeado.