In the News

Article: "Many county schools ranked well on new statewide report"

"WASHTENAW COUNTY — Some rankings recently released by the state show Michigan schools are improving overall and many county schools received some good scores too, ranking high for the 2013-14 school year."


Article: "MEAP Is Back, But What Is The Future of Michigan's Standardized Testing?

"The 40-year-old MEAP test was supposed to be replaced this year, but that didn't happen. So what is the future of standardized testing in Michigan?" 

Article: "Charter school groups questions Michigan education department's 'at-risk' list"

"The announcement that the Michigan Department of Education is calling 11 charter school authorizers "at risk" for being suspended has drawn strong reactions from around the state."

Article: "4 Michigan districts get a zero for students' college readiness"

"While statewide scores edged up this year on the 2014 Michigan Merit Exam, some of Metro Detroit's poorest school districts remain mired in failure."

Article: "Michigan school chief promises to get tough with charter school authorizers"

"State school Superintendent Mike Flanagan announced Monday he is giving notice to Michigan’s charter school authorizers that he will exercise his 'statutory authority' to prevent them from granting new charters if their performance overseeing the schools does not measure up."

Article: "Michigan's assignment" Toughen charter laws"

"The role models are out there. All Michigan has to do is look around. At Massachusetts. Or Minnesota, Indiana, Texas, Washington, Arizona."

"Concerns over charter school performance persist as more open in state"

"Two decades into Michigan’s charter school experience, it’s clear that some schools excel academically, others don’t — and charters have not found the key to educating children in poverty."

"Free Press' charter school review triggers varied reactions"

"The tension between advocates of traditional and charter schools in Michigan has intensified. That’s because of recent stories in the Detroit Free Press which raise serious doubts about the operation and oversight of the state’s nearly 400 charter schools."

"Most Michigan charter companies don't follow financial disclosure law"

"Michigan’s charter schools offer the public scant information on how they spend taxpayer money."