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5 myths about education in Michigan

"Four years ago, our organization opened in Michigan to serve as a non-partisan, research, information andadvocacy center focused on what's best for Michigan students. We've talked with dozens of organizationsacross the state and found there is a common set of myths about public education."

"Smartest kids: What Michigan schools can learn from leading states"

"Michigan has a lot to learn about student learning.

Once an education leader, Michigan is now in the bottom tier of states in academic achievement. While Michigan’s public education system is spinning its wheels, other states have raced past us. "

"States of education: Four school advocates raise their hands for reforms in Michigan"

"Over the last two years, our organization has studied leading education states to share these lessons with Michiganders about how we can raise student learning in our public schools. We’re glad that Bridge is working to share many of these lessons across the state."

"Smartest kids: Ignoring outcry, Massachusetts leaders chose excellence"

"Michigan students now score among the bottom tier of states nationally on the NAEP, making incremental gains while other states have improved dramatically."

"Snyder, Schauer both say education priority for them"

"'People are talking about making Michigan a better place to live. That means good education,' said Amber Arellano, executive director of the Education Trust-Midwest, a Royal Oak-based education research and advocacy group.

"Two EAA chancellor finalists a study in contrasts"

..."The new EAA chancellor needs to have deep experience — and demonstrated success — in school leadership, systems change and turning around

high-poverty, struggling schools," said Amber Arellano, Education Trust-Midwest executive director. " Know-how and perseverance are essential."

"Detroit schools' bilingual program meets Hispanics halfway"

"Detroit— In the halls of the Academy of the Americas school, “Bienvenidos” and “Welcome” — greetings in Spanish and English — adorn classroom doors in colorful letters.  

It’s part of a bilingual environment at the K-8 school in southwest Detroit and a reminder that most of its students come from homes in which Spanish is the primary language."

"Smartest kids: In Tennessee, an epic turnaround"

"Bridge visited Tennessee and three other states that are high-achieving or fastimproving to look for answers:  Tennessee and Florida, where academic achievement was similar or worse than Michigan a decade ago, but where state policies have led to stunning growth; and Massachusetts and Minnesota, both acclaimed for their high-achievingstudents."

Article: "Many county schools ranked well on new statewide report"

"WASHTENAW COUNTY — Some rankings recently released by the state show Michigan schools are improving overall and many county schools received some good scores too, ranking high for the 2013-14 school year."


Article: "MEAP Is Back, But What Is The Future of Michigan's Standardized Testing?

"The 40-year-old MEAP test was supposed to be replaced this year, but that didn't happen. So what is the future of standardized testing in Michigan?"