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Guest column: Teacher evaluation measures would make Michigan a national leader"

By Amber Arellano, Steve Cook, Kathy Hayes, William Mayes, Tim Melton, William Miller, and Wendy Zdeb-Roper

"Few issues in education have brought more Michigan leaders together recently than the need to better support our teachers and school principals. Our leaders have come together to invest in and support the state’s first statewide educator evaluator and support system.

New state exam requires deeper skills

"Students who hope to pass Michigan's new state exam — which will debut in next spring and exist for just a year — will have to do a much better job showing how well they can think critically and solve problems if they want a passing score."

State announces test to replace MEAP

"LANSING — Michigan education officials on Thursday announced details about the new standardized tests public school students across the state will take in spring 2015.

The assessments will be called M-STEP, the Department of Education said. They will replace the 44-year-old Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) and will be used until a long-term testing system is found for spring 2016."

Achievement Reflects Income

"Kent ISD, MI —  

The higher the poverty, the lower the test scores. That’s the general story of academic achievement in Kent County public schools.

Further, students’ economic hardships unfairly penalize poorer school districts when it comes to statewide rankings of their performance, experts say."


5 myths about education in Michigan

"Four years ago, our organization opened in Michigan to serve as a non-partisan, research, information andadvocacy center focused on what's best for Michigan students. We've talked with dozens of organizationsacross the state and found there is a common set of myths about public education."

"Smartest kids: What Michigan schools can learn from leading states"

"Michigan has a lot to learn about student learning.

Once an education leader, Michigan is now in the bottom tier of states in academic achievement. While Michigan’s public education system is spinning its wheels, other states have raced past us. "

"States of education: Four school advocates raise their hands for reforms in Michigan"

"Over the last two years, our organization has studied leading education states to share these lessons with Michiganders about how we can raise student learning in our public schools. We’re glad that Bridge is working to share many of these lessons across the state."

"Smartest kids: Ignoring outcry, Massachusetts leaders chose excellence"

"Michigan students now score among the bottom tier of states nationally on the NAEP, making incremental gains while other states have improved dramatically."

"Snyder, Schauer both say education priority for them"

"'People are talking about making Michigan a better place to live. That means good education,' said Amber Arellano, executive director of the Education Trust-Midwest, a Royal Oak-based education research and advocacy group.