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Guest column: Teacher evaluation measures would make Michigan a national leader"

By Amber Arellano, Steve Cook, Kathy Hayes, William Mayes, Tim Melton, William Miller, and Wendy Zdeb-Roper

"Few issues in education have brought more Michigan leaders together recently than the need to better support our teachers and school principals. Our leaders have come together to invest in and support the state’s first statewide educator evaluator and support system.


ROYAL OAK, MI (November 13, 2014) – After more than 40 years of the multiple choice-style MEAP test, Michigan is upgrading to a new generation of student learning assessments. Today, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) released more information to parents, teachers and school administrators about the statewide assessment system that students will take this spring.

5 myths about education in Michigan

"Four years ago, our organization opened in Michigan to serve as a non-partisan, research, information andadvocacy center focused on what's best for Michigan students. We've talked with dozens of organizationsacross the state and found there is a common set of myths about public education."

"States of education: Four school advocates raise their hands for reforms in Michigan"

"Over the last two years, our organization has studied leading education states to share these lessons with Michiganders about how we can raise student learning in our public schools. We’re glad that Bridge is working to share many of these lessons across the state."

More Michigan Schools Meet Learning Goals, but Not for All Student Groups

ROYAL OAK, MICH. (August 13, 2014) – Today the Michigan Department of Education released its newest results from the state’s public school accountability and public reporting system, now in its second year. The data show about 29% more schools reached most of their goals this year than last.