A Message from Kati Haycock

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A message from Kati Haycock: 


Dear Friends:

There is nothing more uplifting than visiting a classroom or school where kids from very poor families are thriving and achievement is soaring. And when lots of educators from high-performing, high-poverty schools congregate in one place, the conversations literally crackle with energy — and the opportunities for sharing and learning are vast.

Please come join us this year at the one meeting where educators and activists working hard to improve achievement and close the gaps in their communities come together to exchange ideas and learn from the very best: The Education Trust 2012 National Conference in Washington, D.C., on November 8 and 9.

This year’s meeting promises to be the best yet. Our two days together will be packed with:

  • Practical school-improvement and instructional strategies you can use back home
  • Up-to-the minute information on the latest policy changes
  • Opportunities to connect with fellow gap-closers from around the country
  • Time to replenish your spirit and fortify yourself for the work ahead

We've scheduled more than 30 sessions, including a close look at effective leadership in high-poverty schools, strategies for kick-starting improvements in schools where achievement remains stuck, and how community activists are partnering with us in support of this work. For those beginning to implement the Common Core Standards, there will be sessions from some districts that are ahead of the rest of us.

So, register today. And know that you will leave stronger and ready to get to work. While you’re at it, invite a friend or colleague to join you. Washington is a great place to visit in November.

Closing the gaps that have hobbled so many of our children for so long will take all of us working together. Come join the gap-closing movement!