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Opportunity Lost: The Story of African-American Achievement in California, 2010

Opportunity Lost: The Story of African-American Achievement in California, 2010

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California touts some of the highest educational standards in the country. Yet when it comes to the state’s African-American students, these standards have proved to be little more than a mirage, forever out of reach. Over the past decade, the achievement gap between African-American and white students has barely budged. On nearly every benchmark of learning and achievement, African-American students trail their white peers.

This educational inequity is set in motion prior to elementary school. Compared with white children, African-American children are more likely to grow up in poverty and enter school with critical educational disadvantages. But instead of aggressively responding with supports and resources, we do exactly the opposite. California’s education system provides African-American students with less of everything that makes a difference—high-quality preschool, great teachers, stable learning environments, and access to college and career-ready coursework.

Instead of vigorously addressing these disparities, California’s leaders have been satisfi ed to convene task forces and organize conferences to highlight problems almost everyone knows exist and to propose solutions that either failed before or never were implemented.

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September 13 2010
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