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Opportunity Lost: The Story of African-American Achievement in California, 2010

Two new reports from The Education Trust—West, a statewide education advocacy organization, demonstrate the disturbing impact of California’s failure to close opportunity and achievement gaps plaguing African-American and Latino children who together now make up almost 60 percent of the state’s student population.  In Opportunity Lost: The Story of African-American Achievement in California, 2010, and Futures At Risk: The Story of Latino Student Achievement in California, 2010, the group reveals a number of local school districts successfully dispelling the myth that African-American and Latino students cannot perform at grade-level or make great gains toward proficiency.  The reports call on California policymakers to no longer be satisfied with convening task forces that highlight problems everyone knows exist, and recommend that state leaders instead focus on finally implementing high-impact solutions that have long been avoided or ignored.

Publication date: 
September 13 2010

EQUITY ALERT: Ed Trust-West Analyzes Latest Results from 2010 California Standards Test

Today’s Equity Alert shines a spotlight on the latest results from the 2010 Standardized Testing and Reporting Program (STAR). With state leaders and school district officials touting improved proficiency rates, this alert looks beyond the spin to reveal what the data really shows about student performance in California.  While there have been measured gains, the slow and incremental progress is not sufficient to close the opportunity and achievement gaps plaguing low-income students and students of color. The Equity Alert shows how unacceptably slow achievement gaps are narrowing and provides recommendations for moving the state beyond rhetoric to real concrete solutions.

Publication date: 
August 19 2010

Overlooked and Underserved: Debunking the Asian “Model Minority” Myth

In advance of the upcoming California Standards Tests (CST) results, The Education Trust—West is releasing Overlooked and Underserved: Debunking the Asian ‘Model Minority’ Myth in California Schools, a new policy brief detailing alarming disparities in achievement that exist among subgroups of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students.  Issued jointly with the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus and the California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, the brief finds the state is under-serving students by not recognizing the full diversity of its AAPI communities.  Most disturbing, opportunity gaps are being exacerbated by the state’s failure to collect and report comprehensive, critical student achievement data.

Publication date: 
August 12 2010

Equity Alert: 2009 API Rankings Reveal Unequal Access to California’s Best Schools

This inaugural Equity Alert highlights California’s newest statewide rankings and uncovers all-too familiar achievement gaps. The state’s 2009 Base Annual Performance Index (API) data and statewide rankings reveal that race and class continue to play a substantial role in shaping educational opportunity, and that systemic inequity is pervasive in California’s schools. The report outlines actions state policymakers and education leaders can take to address these patterns of inequity.

Publication date: 
June 24 2010

No Time to Delay: Delivering the Statewide Data Systems California's Students Deserve

California’s efforts to implement a statewide longitudinal data system are at serious risk. More than ever before, educators and policymakers need reliable, robust data to inform decisions and address achievement gaps. While momentum toward such a system has been building over the last decade, technical snags, the state’s budget crisis, and shortsighted decisions have slowed the pace of progress.

Publication date: 
June 18 2010

Effectiveness, Not Seniority: Keeping the Best Teachers in High-Need Schools

As California policymakers attempt to address the disproportionate impact of seniority-based layoffs on high need schools, a new brief by The Education Trust—West called Effectiveness, Not Seniority contends that attempts to correct this inequity must prioritize teacher effectiveness.  The brief argues that solutions to this problem must ensure that high need schools can retain their most effective teachers.

Publication date: 
June 3 2010

Keeping the Promise of Change: Why California's chronically underperforming schools need bold reform

According to a new report by The Education Trust—West, Keeping the Promise of Change, California has thrown more than $265 million over the last six years at its bottom five percent of Title I schools in a series of unproductive “reform” initiatives.  These reforms have skimmed the surface of school improvement, while producing minimal gains for the thousands of African-American and Latino students trapped in drop-out factories throughout the state.  Now these schools and other low performers are eligible for tens of millions in new school improvement funding from Washington, D.C.

Publication date: 
May 12 2010