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Education Trust—West

Beyond Satisfactory: Redefining Teacher Evaluation and Support Webinar

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 3:30pm - 4:30pm


The Education Trust—West’s
Beyond Satisfactory: Redefining Teacher Evaluation and Support Webinar

Please join us Wednesday, June 4th from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST

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TOP-Ed: Dollars for tamales: poor schools can’t get by on home cooking

For weeks, I haven’t been able to open my refrigerator without getting attacked by a bag of tamales. Our fridge is stuffed with bags of them. Two of the bags are ours. The rest were purchased by family and friends all over the Bay Area. The proceeds go to our daughter’s Spanish immersion elementary school in Oakland Unified.

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New York Times: As Sweeping Layoffs Loom, Schools Gird for Turmoil

School authorities across the nation are warning thousands of teachers that they could lose their jobs in June, raising the possibility that America’s public schools may see the most extensive layoffs of their teaching staffs in decades.

Though many of the warnings may not be acted upon — school systems, their budget outlook unclear, routinely overstate their likely layoffs at this time of year — when layoffs do occur, they cause a chaotic annual reshuffling of staff members.

Thousands of teachers are forced to change schools, grade levels or subjects, creating a chronic instability that educators call “teacher churn.”

TOP-Ed: Districts will lay off some of their best and brightest today; that must change

Kaitlin Donovan, Nicholas Melvoin, Emilie Smith, and Tyler Hester didn’t expect to get a layoff notice. They were the kind of teachers typically romanticized in Hollywood movies. Young, energetic, and idealistic, they sought out the challenge of teaching in high-poverty urban schools and set high expectations for their students. Yet, each of them went to their teacher mailbox and found a pink slip.

New Ed Trust—West Report Shows the Damaging Impact of Teacher Layoff Policies on California’s Highest Need Schools and Students

(OAKLAND, CA)  With school districts across California announcing budget cuts and plans for massive teacher layoffs, a new report by The Education Trust—West titled, Victims of the Churn: The Damaging Impact of California’s Teacher Layoff Policies on Schools, Students and Communities in Three Large School Districts, shows the negative impact of California’s teacher layoff policies on students in high-poverty schools in three urban school districts.  These students were found to bear more than their fair share of the pain when it comes to teacher layoffs, with their schools 65 percent more likely to have a teacher laid off than a low-poverty school.  Some high-poverty schools lost more than 15 percent of their teachers.  (As seen on NBC San Diego)

TOP-Ed: Low science scores should shock state at the center of technology universe

Remember the old song “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel from the ’60s? I thought about the song last week after the results of the NAEP science tests showed that California students were at or near the bottom in our nation in nearly every measure of performance in science. The lack of outrage from our leaders in Sacramento that greeted these depressing results made me “picture the sound of silence.”